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Just a short note to let you know the results of the AGM

President - Mal VK2YVA
Senior Vice President - Compton VK2HRX
Junior Vice President - Julian VK2YJS
Secretary - Vacant
Treasurer - Steven VK2BOS
Committee - Andrew VK2XPT, Al VK2VEC, John VK2FCOM

It's great to see some enthusiastic new blood. Welcome to Al and John.

Three existing committee members did not restand. Thanks to Bob VK2TG,
Alan VK2DAN, and Barry VK2FP for their past efforts.

The constitution amendments were passed unanimously. This means the
Junior Vice President position will be eliminated as soon as the
paperwork is approved by NSW Fair Trading and Julian's position will
revert to a regular committee position.

The last two years financial statements were accepted which gives us the
opportunity to get back up to date with NSW Fair Trading.

Cath Draheim, who is the VRA Region 0 Coordinator, attended and gave a
short and interesting update on activities in the VRA and gave those
present a few presents. Thanks Cath.

We need a secretary. This may be an opportunity for you to contribute
to the association. Contact anyone on the committee or reply to this
list if you would like some details.

Steven VK2BOS