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WICEN was represented by our treasurer at the VRA mid-year conference
on 19 May. One important item is the legal requirement that any
accidents while on WICEN Duty, including those not resulting in
injury, be reported, so as that they can be listed with the VRA

The "St Albans two day ride" on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June,
otherwise know as the Queen's Birthday weekend, runs over the same
cross-country routes around the town of St Albans as the Shazada.
Radio communication is difficult in this area, and there is no
cellular telephone coverage.

WICEN ACT also support a range of events, including car rallies and
cycle events. The next is the Safari Rally on July 7. See:

Coming VK2 events include:

* St Albans two day ride on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June
* The BWRS Navshield on July 7-8
* The world famous Shahzada in the week commencing Monday, August 27th
* Trek for Timor in the Blue Mountains on Saturday, September 15th
* VH-MDX SAREX on October 20 and 21
* Hawkesbury Canoe Classic on Saturday, October 27th and Sunday 28th

Contact details, including for those wishing to take part in one of
the above events, and membership forms can be found at: