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The Upper Hawkesbury Power Boat Club is conducting the 78th Bridge to
Bridge Power Boat Classic on the Hawkesbury River today. WICEN is
supporting Marine Rescue, who are co-ordinating over 50 checkpoints
between Brooklyn and Windsor, using GRN and VHF marine.

Northern Rivers is providing communications for Tenterfield Equestrian
Club's Horse Enduro this weekend, in the Girard State Forest.

The BWRS will be conducting the Navshield at a currently secret
location not too far from Sydney on the 5th and 6th of July. Fitter
members may wish to join the WICEN team for the event.

August and September sees several Memory Walks. This year's Trek for
Timor will be in the Blue Mountains, now confirmed for the 20th of
September, with 13km, 25km and 45km options.

WICEN has a twitter account: @wicennsw
Android and fruity devices typically feature a built in twitter app,
or it is possible to point your browser at:

WICEN ACT is part of the Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club. Their
website at includes details of both WICEN
and general events, including the upcoming Foundation licence course.

Coming events include:
Bridge to Bridge Power Boat race today
Northern Rivers' Horse Enduro concludes today
BWRS First Aid Course 3rd and 4th; and 17th and 18th of May
Nav Shield on Saturday 5th and 6th of July

Submitted by Julian Sortland VK2YJS on behalf of the WICEN State
Management Committee.