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During the week, the New South Wales Volunteer Rescue Association requested that WICEN provide personnel towards their commitment to provide around 24 people to assist police in tasks such as staffing road blocks, door-knocking residents, and evacuations where required, for the State Mine fire around Lithgow. Of the 14 members who made themselves available, a team of 4 members was selected for a three day tour of duty based out of VRA Lithgow for Thursday 24th, Friday 25th and Saturday 26th. Thankfully, due to an improvement in conditions, much or all of the VRA was stood down, meaning WICEN members were not required. The VRA did field considerable numbers from across their various squads, upto, and including overnight on Wednesday 23rd. The VRA was pleased with WICEN's ability to provide personnel at short notice.

The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic has been run overnight, with the last members hopefully packing up as this goes to air on Sunday morning.

Last weekend WICEN supported Project Wittenoom, a large scale, multi-agency search for missing Cessna VH-MDX in the Barrington Tops. The flexibility of Amateur Radio was well received, including in the ability to select from different bands to provide links.

WICEN has received an invitation from its sister sister squad, Cave Rescue, to have a small team participate in their multi agency exercise being held on November 9 & 10 in the Jenolan Caves area. WICEN's involvement would not include entering the cave, only the provision of some surface communications.

WICEN has also been asked to support the VRA activities at the upcoming Sydney to Wollongong Bike Ride on Sunday the 3rd of Nov. The VRA are wanting WICEN to set up and staff two cross-band repeaters and to supply operators for radio points along the course. It is a relatively early start but it does finish fairly quickly as well. In previous years the VRA has reimbursed operators for vehicle expenses used in getting to and from the event. This an excellent opportunity to work with other VRA squads using a variety of commercial equipment on VHF mid band and UHF. The event website is at:

This WICEN New South Wales website is at:
This includes contact details, a web based contact form, and a printable membership form.

WICEN ACT, part of the Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club have many events planned over the coming months, in the ACT and the surrounding "Capital Country". Their website at includes details of both WICEN and more general events.

Coming WICEN events include:

Hawkesbury Canoe Classic concluding / concluded this morning.
25th Fitz’s Challenge Bike Ride in the ACT on Sunday 27th October
Sydney to the 'Gong Bike Ride on Sunday 3rd of November
Cave Rescue exercise on the weekend of November 9 & 10 around Jenolan Caves
BMSC Tumut Rally Saturday 2nd November, run by WICEN ACT
BMSC's Rallye de Femme to be conducted within the ACT, pencilled for Saturday 8th December
WICEN Victoria will be running the Murray Marathon canoe event between Christmas and New Year.

Congratulations to again to member David Matthews VK2KFA on obtaining his US Technician callsign. The restarted FCC has issued him with KD8VSN.

Submitted by Julian Sortland VK2YJS on behalf of the WICEN State Management Committee.