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WICEN's VK2RWC repeater in Chatswood is on 147.150 MHz with a plus 600
kHz offset. It both requires, and sends, a 91.5 Hz tone. The new
23cm FM repeater at Chatswood is on 1273.200 MHz with a plus 20 MHz
offset. No tone is currently required, but a 91.5 Hz tone is sent.

Unless they are required for an activation or event, all Amateurs are
welcome to use these systems, and reports are also most welcome.

WICEN will provide a display at the upcoming CCARC Field Day at Wyong
on Sunday, February 24, and the maxim of "many hands make light work"
applies to staffing it.

WICEN's HF Digital Nets continue on Monday evenings, using various
modes in the free fldigi [read: F L DIGI] software.

Please remain prepared for the possibility of activation. While
weather conditions in Sydney are now far milder, this is not the
situation in much of the state. Please also ensure WICEN has your
current contact details.

WICEN ACT has events planned from March, the first being the National
Capital Rally, which is the first round of Australian Rally
Championship, running from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd. Visit:

Coming events include:

Display at CCARC Field Day on February 24th
NatCap Rally in the ACT, March 1st to 3rd.

More information, including a printable membership form and a
web-based contact form can be found at:

Submitted by Julian Sortland VK2YJS on behalf of the WICEN State
Management Committee.

On the subject of the fires, your publicity officer had to go to
Coonabarabran for a job interview earlier in the week, so got to see
the logistical side of the effort at first hand. Both the number of
agencies invloved, and the range of RFS resources involved was
amazing. These included a range of high power turbo-prop water
bombing aircraft, plus helicopters, including an Aircrane. Logistical
equipment included a air operations control unit in a shipping
container and a bus sized command centre, plus fuel and water tankers,
and even forklifts for moving fire-retardant, and tow trucks for the
forklifts. Some photos are on his facebook page. Search for VK2YJS.