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The WICEN NSW 2014 AGM will be held next Saturday, the 21 June at 1400
here at ARNSW, 63 Quarry Road, DURAL. Members should have the papers,
either in the mail or via email.

The BWRS will be conducting the Navshield at a location within 3
hour's travel from Sydney on the 5th and 6th of July, with set-up on
the 4th. WICEN provides safety and event management communications.
The base and at least one checkpoint can be reached by 2 Wheel Drive
vehicle. Members in a regional area can ask if it is in their proximity.

There is also the option for members to join the WICEN team for the event.

August, September and October sees Alzheimer's Australia Memory Walk
and Jog events in Port Macquarie, the Hunter, Inner Western Sydney and
North Wollongong. These are fairly short events, which would make
great first events for newer members. Event commanders are being
sought for Port Macquarie and the Illawarra, with mentoring available
if required.

This year's Trek for Timor will be in the World Heritage listed Blue
Mountains, now confirmed for the 20th of September, with 13km, 25km
and 45km options.

Amateurs also holding a marine radio qualification are being sought
for the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic on Saturday 25th October.

WICEN has a twitter account: @wicennsw

WICEN ACT is part of the Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club. The
club's website at includes details of both
WICEN and general events.

Coming events include:

The AGM at 2:00pm on Saturday 21st of June
20th - 23rd of June is WICEN ACT's DSMRA Kowen Ride
Nav Shield on Saturday 5th and 6th of July
Hunter Memory Walk and Jog at Lake Macquarie on Sunday 24th August
Port Macquarie Memory Walk on Sunday 31st August
Sydney Memory Walk on Sunday, 14th September 2014

Submitted by Julian Sortland VK2YJS on behalf of the WICEN State
Management Committee.