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Last weekend WICEN supported a search for an elderly gentleman missing at Dalmeny, on the NSW Far South Coast, near Narooma. WICEN provided communications for three Bushwalkers' Wilderness Rescue Service teams, and one Volunteer Rescue Association team. The search teams carried the new BWRS UHF Digital Mobile Radio, or DMR radios, and a WICEN VHF DMR radio as back up. The group also provided a link between the search site and the Dalmeny RFS building

This week and weekend, WICEN has been supporting the BWRS and NSW Police during for a search for a person being conducted in the Lower Portland area.

The WICEN NSW AGM 2016 is on Saturday 10 September at 1400, here at ARNSW in Quarry Road, Dural. Official notification and other papers to be emailed and or mailed shortly.

A new WICEN sponsored 70cm DMR repeater is now on-air, and connected to the global DMARC system. The current QTH is Dural (but not the ARNSW site). The callsign is VK2RRW.

To program your radio: User receive is 438.1000, and User transmit TX 433.1000. The "Colour Code" is 1, It has the same talk groups (TG) and time slots (TS) allocations as VK2RCG, with exception of TG5 which is now on TS1. Further details and up to date TS/TG's can be found on the DMARC website.

The Great North Walk 100s will be in the Hunter region on the weekend of September 10th and 11th.

SAREX, the search and rescue exercise built around the search for the single-engined aircraft, VH-MDX, which went missing in August 1981 is the weekend of September 16 to 18 in the Barrington Tops area.

The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic will run overnight from Saturday, October 29th to Sunday 30th.

WICEN Northern Rivers is holding a training day on Sunday,14 August at 0930K. The associated Summerland Amateur Radio Club will hold SARCFEST on Sunday, 28 August at their club-rooms.

WICEN has a twitter account: @wicennsw
It can be viewed at:

Facebook users will find the official WICEN New South Wales page, and an informal national WICEN group.

WICEN ACT is part of the Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club, and supports events in the ACT and southern NSW. The club's website is at:

Friday, September 2 is the Brindabella Motor Sport Club's "Night Howl: Stages. The ACTERA Brookvale Horse Endurance Ride is on September 3 and 4; and Fitz's Challenge is a road cycling event in the Brindabella Ranges on Sunday October 30. Foundation courses are provided bi-monthly, with exams for all levels on the Sunday, with the next on 17th and 18th September.

WICEN Victoria's next event is the Stockman Rally in the Big River State Forest on September 18. The group's website is at:

Submitted by Julian Sortland VK2YJS, on behalf of the WICEN State Management Committee.