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WICEN NSW Inc is reviewing the various options we have available for training our members in
emergency communication techniques. This was discussed at our recent State committee meeting in
Feb 2011.
At this stage we are cautious about the WIA course and believe it may not meet the
requirements the Volunteer Rescue Association, (VRA) has for
emergency communications operators. As we are affiliated with the VRA it is clearly important we
are able to meet their requirements so we can be utilised for VRA events. Being formally affiliated
and trained to the requirements of the VRA allows WICEN NSW Inc to provide assistance to various
Emergency Services in NSW.
We also note the WIA requires participants in their training course to hold membership of the WIA
in some form. We do not support this membership requirement position. We have been offered
support by the VRA if we chose to use the VRA training mechanisms.
Committee Minutes
Confirmed minutes of committee meetings will be posted to the WICEN NSW Inc WWW site as they
become available. The committee has commenced a monthly meeting schedule so we can clear the
outstanding committee business.
Changes to Committee Positions
Our secretary/treasurer for the past few years Nick Fisher, VK2ZNF resigned from committee last
month. We thank Nick for the exceptional work he did to restore the records of WICEN 2 years ago
and in keeping our records in good shape subsequently.
Steven Heimann, VK2BOS has accepted nomination to the committee and was appointed to the
committee at our Feb 2011 meeting. Steven has taken on the responsibilities of Treasurer.
Bob Demkiw, VK2TG accepted nomination to the committee and was appointed to the committee at
our Feb 2011 meeting. Bob has taken on the responsibilities of Secretary.
There is one vacancy on the committee and we would welcome nominations to this position.
The current committee members are:
• Mal Alexander, VK2YVA
Senior Vice President
• Compton Allen, VK2HRX
Junior Vice President
• Alan Whitmore, VK2DAN
• Bob Demkiw, VK2TG
• Steven Heimann, VK2BOS
Ordinary Committee members
• Julian Sortland, VK2YJS
• David Simms, VK2HSS
• 3rd position is currently vacant
Membership Renewal
Members are reminded the WICEN NSW Inc financial year ends on March 31st so your annual
membership fee falls due on this date. There are a number of members who have missed paying
their membership for this current year and we remind all members they are required to pay the
$15.00 annual fee to remain a member of WICEN. Unfortunately we were unable to take renewals at
Wyong this year but we will be able to accept them by post and direct deposit at least. Expect to see
a message from our Treasurer, Steven shortly on how to complete your membership renewal.
New Members
At the last committee meeting a number of new membership applications were confirmed. They will
be contacted shortly with acknowledgement.
Hawkesbury Canoe Classic (HCC) Event
After many years of being the deputy event commander for this event, Mark Cheesman, VK2XGK has
confirmed his intention to step down from this role and return to the river. If you would like to help
with this role please contact the HCC event commander Neil Fallshaw, VK2XNF
Potential New Events
A number of organisers of events have contacted WICEN in recent months to enquire about WICEN
supporting their events. If WICEN is able to assist in these events we will notify members by email
Next AGM
At the meeting in Jan 2011 the committee agreed to have our financial records compiled and
audited as soon as possible after March 31st this year then call an AGM so the accounts for the
previous 2 years can be presented as part of the AGM agenda. The audited accounts for the year
ended March 31 2010 have already been prepared.