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A note of thanks on behalf of the Blue Mountains Police Rescue Squad in respect of our search for Garry Tweddle.

Initially I would like to join in the acknowledgement of the volunteers who have been involved in the search operation and, as a community , we should all recognize how lucky we are to have them, and continue to support them in any way we can. these include the Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Service, Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue Squad, Caves Rescue and W.I.C.E.N.

Over 10000 hours overall has been committed to this search and investigation to date , truly an amazing effort by a dedicated group of people, with the majority completed by volunteers. Even so, should we call upon their services again tomorrow, I have no doubt that these same people would again respond without hesitation.

It's worth remembering that some of these people have travelled considerable distances, and left their jobs and families to contribute. They quietly go about their business , often unnoticed , in support of the police, whilst still attending to their primary roles. The same gratitude extends to the managment and staff. In addition, we have been supported by the Ambulance Service of NSW to ensure the welfare of our team.

Our Community has been extremely supportive over the last 10 days during our efforts to find Garry in and around Leura and Wentworth falls. This sense of community extends to the organizations that have provided support to the operation including the Fairmont Resort and Leura Golf Club. This assistance has been greatly appreciated by all.

Our Unit, along with other police, continue to work towards finding Garry and will continue to investigate information as it comes to hand. We collectively remain as committed now, as when this operation began. Resources are again assigned this weekend to respond, so if you have information that you think may assist us, please contact Katoomba Police Station on 47828199 or Crime Stoppers.

Its also important that I publicly thank and recognize my unit for their dedication and professionalism, in difficult conditions.

Finally, whilst we acknowledge the appreciation of the family, friends and colleagues of Garry, its important that I indicate the strong understanding and patience they have afforded us during this difficult time.


Ian Colless
Police Rescue Squad
Blue Mountains